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2010-08-08 17:00:00

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[ By Steve in Archi­tec­ture & Design , Tech­nol­ogy & Futur­ism , Urban Images . ] Blob Archi­tec­ture – some­times referred to as Blo­bi­tec­ture, Blo­bism or even Blo­bis­mus is a exceed­ingly organic type of archi­tec­ture that exhibits pro­foundly soft, rounded and curved dimen­sions. Orig­i­nat­ing in inflat­able build­ings, pre-fab plas­tic struc­tures and computer-assisted design exer­cises, Blob Archi­tec­ture has given the world some of its most dis­tinc­tive and mem­o­rable buildings

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Blo­bi­tec­ture: 11 Cool Ways Archi­tec­ture Gets A Round

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