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I assumed some­one would be work­ing to pre­serve it. I called around and thought the Amer­i­can Insti­tute of Archi­tects or the Munic­i­pal Arts Soci­ety would be work­ing on this. So many things in New York have preser­va­tion groups attached to them. But pretty quickly I found no one was doing any­thing for th
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How do you make peo­ple with no inter­est in design become aware of design in the first place? One approach taken by cre­ative stu­dio Per­fect Fools is their Kauko Café pop-up instal­la­tion for Helsinki,

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As soon

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Work­ing with Suzan Wines, co-founder of I-Beam Design, Marks dreamed up the con­cept based on both Archie’s love for the bricks and her own affec­tion for geo­met­ric, abstract design and Lego-like col­ors, which car­ries through the rest of the apart­ment. To install the wall, they enlisted Sean Ken­ney, one of only
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Even though Renzo Piano’s design for the new Whit­ney Museum in down­town New York City was unveiled in 2008, this is the first time we’ve been treated to a fly­ing tour of the space. When it’s com­pleted in 2015, the Whitney’s new loca­tion on Gan­sevoort Street at the south­ern entrance of the High Line will […]

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The Faló lamp rep­re­sents and reminds us of the camp­fire light thats indends to bring peo­ple together.

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