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Robb God­shaw is an indus­trial design stu­dent at R.I.T., and he’s come up with a strange and bril­liant inven­tion: The Cryoscope Hap­tic Weath­er­vane, which is essen­tially a tac­tile tem­per­a­ture indi­ca­tor. Touch it and you can feel what the te

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Marks Barfield Architects
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Nathaniel Ross

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I am not a doormat

On February 8, 2012 By

But you are, Sir, and a very good one at that. Designed and made in Eng­land by Rebecca Chitty, this 100% Coir mat has a fit­ting procla­ma­tion with pleasing-to-the-eye big block letters.

Mate­ri­als: 100% Coir PVC Backed Mat
Dimen­sions: 70 x 40cm

<img src=“<br title=“I am not a door­mat” alt=” […]

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The fore­clo­sure of Bank of Amer­ica Plaza comes as delin­quency rates for com­mer­cial mort­gage backed secu­ri­ties, or CMBS, a type of loan for com­mer­cial prop­er­ties, reached an all-time high in metro Atlanta in Decem­ber, accord­ing to Trepp, a real estate research firm.

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Archinect — News

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At first I thought these were just a Phở­to­shopped gag, but nope, these are real and for sale. A com­pany called Schreer Delights is sell­ing a line of iPhone cases that ref­er­ence Apple’s design

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BMW olympic pavil­ion, Lon­don. Beau­ti­ful win­ning design from Serie Archi­tects that sits upon the river with a flow­ing body of water below.

(Want more? See and

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While most alumni cen­ters are her­itage repos­i­to­ries cel­e­brat­ing the past, the Ford Alumni Cen­ter equally cul­ti­vates the future. As the new front door to the uni­ver­sity, this dynamic build­ing wel­comes all vis­i­tors and immerses
Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Arts

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There are so many great p
Hatch: The Design Pub­lic® Blog

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