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2010-03-28 08:00:17

9006d9258eruya 1.jpg Yuken Teruya

Like an alchemist attempt­ing to trans­mute lead into gold, Yuken Teruya tries to turn ordi­nary waste into beau­ti­ful works of art, the only­d­if­fer­ence is that Yuken Teruya suc­ceeds where the alchemists failed. Yuken Teruya’s for­mula from trans­for­ma­tion involves pulling the the art from pre­vi­ously used mate­ri­als like it existed inside always. Yuken Teruya shows us then the value in every­thing around us and the poten­tial for beauty around every cor­ner, not just in the usual places

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Yuken Teruya

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